Elipson Planet Sub – Demo



    Speaker : Subwoofer

    Event (Bass-Reflex) : Tubular

    Woofer : 8″ subwoofer speaker, high density cellulose membrane, down firing

    Amplifier : 200 W (max. power)

    Frequency Response (±3 dB) : 30 Hz – 240 kHz

    Standby : Auto, 2 adjustable sensitivity levels

    High pass filtering : 24 dB à 30Hz

    Adjustable Low Pass filtering : 50 Hz à 200 Hz

    Input : Stereo line level, LFE

    Input / Output : High level

    Colors : Black, white or red lacquer

    Dimensions (W x H x D) : Ø316 x H393 mm

    Weight : 14 kg

    Dimensions packaging (W x H x D) : 383 x 461 x 383 mm



The Planet Sub carries the genes of Elipson’s Planet range : its exceptional design and uncompromising audio performance testify to this prestigious lineage.

Equipped with a 20 cm driver and featuring bass-reflex technology, this subwoofer is particularly responsive in the upper-bass register in order to support compact surround speakers. Its active class-D amplifier delivers up to 200 watts and its response reaches down to 30Hz, giving it a sense of versatility that allows it to be equally as suited for use in a stereo installation as in a home cinema installation.

Thanks to its adjustable cutoff frequency, the Planet Sub can be paired with other types of speakers (compact models, floorstanding models…).

Its cylindrical design promotes a very fluid internal airflow, while the down-firing driver allows for placement anywhere in the listening room. Combining elegance and performance, the Planet Sub is designed to ensure harmonious integration with Elipson’s spherical speakers.