Acoustic Panels


You will never get the most out of a good the sound system unless you follow the lead set by commercial cinemas. Managing the acoustics in your room by controlling excessive reverberations, standing waves and first order reflections will take your home theater experience to a whole other level. When acoustically treating your room you will notice far more detail at a much lower volume.



Conference and boardroom has become the go to space for multi-media presentations, including video conferencing.  Prevent frustration and still maintain aesthetics with premium and custom acoustical finishes.

Modern offices have exposed concrete ceilings, drywall wall and large amounts of glass that all contribute to the overall reverberation in the space.  These reflections can cause a lot of problems in video and tele conferencing, making it very difficult to understand on the other end of the call.

“The custom painted acoustic panels they installed in our meeting rooms make a big difference in reducing the reverb heard on video conference calls.”

     -Dave Docker



Installing sound absorption panels can offer a number of advantages for both employees and customers that will ultimately benefit your business.

Restaurants are more welcoming and pleasant environments when staff are able to hear customer requests clearly and customers can carry on conversations at comfortable levels.

Below is a case study done at a local restaurant of one of our installs.

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