Customer Reviews


The Paramount crew worked closely with our architect, contractor, electrical subs. and ourselves, over a two year period to design, spec. sound, entertainment and programmable lighting systems that would allow us to "create" a wide variety of fully integrated ambient experiences in our home.

Paramount diligently kept revising the system specifications as design concepts evolved over the course of construction and more importantly, continually updated the equipment specifications to keep pace with advances in technology over the extended construction period. Personally, they are a great bunch of guys who are as personable as they are knowledgeable; dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service possible and clearly take a lot of pride in their work.

This is our first home to have these sorts of wireless, integrated, automated systems and we couldn't be happier with the results. We have no hesitations in recommending Paramount's services and expertise to others.

Brooke Leatherman - Nelson January 1, 2013

I work for a property management company and look after a high end house where Paramount Automation had done a full install. First of all the install was great, the positioning of the speakers and TV's were perfect. SAVANT it excellent, very user friendly. I have used other automation systems and SAVANT is by far the best. All in all Paramount Automation is a fantastic company and a pleasure to deal with.

Gary - Whistler August 19, 2014

I was so happy with Paramount Automation in my first home that when I moved to my new home I used them again!  I love my custom home theater with controlled lighting, blackout blinds and acoustic panels.

MPW - False Creek, Vancouver May 23, 2015

These guys lead their work with passion, commitment and won't stop until it's perfect mindset. When sound mattered most to us, they made the extreme effort to push the boundaries and get the results our studio dreamed of. And when it all comes to down to what truly makes an experience go from good to's people. Good people doing top quality work is what you'll find with Paramount Automation.

Salted Cycle - North Vancouver November 30, 2017